• Organic Pumpkin Seed Meal 1 lb/454 g

Organic Pumpkin Seed Meal 1 lb/454 g

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PUMPKIN SEED MEAL natural product obtained by the method of cold pressing of pumpkin seeds, having a wide range of useful substances. Pumpkin flour is a rich source of high-grade and easily digestible vegetable protein (its content in this product reaches 40%). The protein composition of the pumpkin flour is characterized by high content of interchangeable and irreplaceable amino acids necessary for strong immunity, normal and full functioning of the human body. Use of pumpkin flour in cooking: Flour from pumpkin seeds can be used in different ways in home cooking. Pumpkin flour is often used as a thickening taste and vitamin-protein supplement to soups, cereals, salads, jelly and cocktails, sauces and dressings.

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