How to Choose PREMIUM Siberian Pine Nut Oil ?

The demand for the high-quality Pine Nut Oil was always as high as its price. Unfortunately, there was also a challenge regarding counterfeiting of the healthful pine nut oil or passing off a cooking oil as a genuine pine nut oil. The special thing about the mentioned oil is that there are two basic methods of extracting it: cold pressing and thermal (or hot pressing). In both cases the oil has no external difference: it is of amber yellow color, with characteristic Cedar woody odor and taste. Along with this, its curative properties are different.

The cold-pressed purified pine nut kernels are placed under a wooden press, followed by the oil infusion and filtering. While being processed, the oil should not come in contact with any smoothing oil. Thus, the obtained cedar nut oil is extremely healthful; it is widely used by traditional (alternative) medicine and cosmetology. Being the most costly process, this method provides for the most qualitative result.

There is a number of thermal methods of cedar oil extraction. The most common practices include heated powdered kernels washed by hot (boiling) water and hot pressing. The given method is less expensive, but it results in just high-quality cooking cedar nut oil with its healthful characteristics one order less, since many of its useful properties have been destroyed by high temperature.

There is another method of pine nut oil extraction, yet producers prefer to keep a low profile because the obtained product has nothing to do with the genuine pine nut oil. It deals with extraction, when crushed pine (cedar) nut kernels are immersed in a special solution “absorbing” oil. As a next step, “something” is thermally / chemically / mechanically extracted from the received solution; subsequently, it is called “Pine Nut Oil”. It will turn out to be relatively harmless, with any luck. Just a few people can identify a particular extraction method by the oil’s exterior and taste without any specific testing. But having compared some oils, you learn to distinguish them to taste and color.

For that reason, it is highly advisable to be extremely careful when buying the pine nut oil. While acquiring it at a shop or pharmacy, it is necessary to read thoroughly a package leaflet (description), which should include COLD PRESSED or Extra Virgin. For that reason, it is highly advisable to be extremely careful when buying the pine nut oil. On the market you should address reliable sellers only, who are linked directly with approved vendors. (While acquiring it at a shop or pharmacy, it is necessary to read thoroughly a package leaflet (description), which should include cold pressing (extra virgin). In case of any doubts, it is better to decline a purchase. Pay special attention to the price. 1 kg of the cold-pressed nut oil requires minimum 3 kg nut kernels (retail price of 1kg is $60.00), plus production and transportation expenses; in total, it amounts to minimum $100. If the price is much lower, whatever the reasons, the oil is either non-genuine or of bad quality.


Use of the pine nut oil for medical and preventive purposes is rather simple: take 1 – 2 tablespoons before meals. In case of serious diseases,professional medical advice is highly recommended.

Actually, the pine nut oil has no contraindications, except for rare individual intolerance, but a medical specialist is the one who is able to offer a patient the most efficient treatment.

Treatment of catarrhal diseases, nervous disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, increasing physical and intellectual working capacity, decreasing the cholesterol level, immune system reinforcement (name but a few) requires a course of treatment which can be developed on one’s own ( take 1 – 2 tablespoons before meals).

Pine Nut Oil for Skin:

The pine nut oil can be applied externally, with no fear to gain weight. Due to its excellent wound-healing properties, the cedar nut oil is effective in treating burns, frostbites, ulcers, various skin diseases; it benefits the skin by its sedative ability, making it firm and smooth; it is of great help in reducing dandruff, hair fragility and loss. In addition, the cedar nut oil is not contraindicative for people with oily skin; it is a rich skin nutrient and, surprisingly, an oiliness depressive agent. The pine nut oil is expensive indeed, but its curative properties by far make up for high price by good health and feeling of well-being.