• Organic Ground Raw Sesame Seed Meal 1 Lbs./454g

Organic Ground Raw Sesame Seed Meal 1 Lbs./454g

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100% Organic Sesame Seed Meal Ground Raw

Gluten Free Lactose Free NON GMO Sugar Free SOY Free

No Cholesterol

Dairy Free

High protein and fiber content.

Contains B vitamins

Vitamin F, C, PP, E.

Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium.

Application in nutrition


Excretes toxic substances, slag, excess cholesterol, ammonia and bile pigments from the body.

Reduces blood sugar.

Increases bile excretion, normalizes the functions of the biliary tract.

Increases platelet count and improves blood clotting.

In obesity promotes weight loss and strengthens the body.

Helps with heartburn during urination.

Prevents blood clots, opens obstruction of veins.

Improves vision and strengthens the nervous system.

Fiber-rich ingredient for cereals, baked goods, muesli and energy bars, as well as oriental foods such as hummus. Used in protein shakes and juices. In bodybuilding, it is used to increase muscle mass.


A component of scrubs and face masks.

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