• Malachite Original Solution Concentrate, Hyaluronic acid, Rosemary 30ml

Malachite Original Solution Concentrate, Hyaluronic acid, Rosemary 30ml

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Efficacy: Brighten skin tone, shrink pores, clean skin, relieve and export du element.


Usage: Apply proper amount of the original solution to the skin, massage for a few minutes, according to the skin condition shows the effect, then clean


Note: malachite original solution is not wash less original solution, which is different from other original solution. It needs to be smeated and cleaned after massage. If the skin uses lead mercury and other cosmetics for a long time, grey things will be discharged after using malachite original solution.

Mechanism: malachite concentrate in the tiny particles are malachite extracting copper induced synthesis of metallothionein (MT), while sulfur protein (MT) can when in contact with skin and pores, harmful metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, lose its rapid discharge of du sex, and concentrate contains hyaluronic acid is called on by the international natural moisturizing factor. Expel du to dredge pores and supplement hyaluronic acid to make skin white, bright, moist and smooth.

Ingredients: [" water "," glycerin "," trehalose "," malachite extract "," HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA extract "," carbomer "," rosemary (Rosmarinus OFFICINALIS extract "," corn (Zea)" MAYS) starch ", "77499", "CI sodium hyaluronic acid", "1", "1, 2, 2 - butyl glycol - butyl glycol," "capryloyl hydroxyl oxime acid"]

Skin types:   suitable for various skin types

Shelf life :  2025 years

Caution :for sensitive skin,please first test it on the inside of arm before using it

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