• Aromatic Massage insoles “ROSE & MYRRH” with Herbal Extracts

Aromatic Massage insoles “ROSE & MYRRH” with Herbal Extracts

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Let your Body Feel the Nature! 


Aromatic Massage insoles “ROSE & MYRRH” with Herbal Extracts


Aromatic  Massage  insoles “Rose & Myrrhby Flora Aromatics are the embodiment of best practices of ancient healers of Oriental medicine.

Ingredients: myrrh and frankincense resin, herbal extracts of alfalfa, oak leaves, clover, rose essential oil, polymer.


Insoles have bactericidal, aromatic, antistatic, stimulating and antitoxic properties. They harmonize the work of all organs and body systems, improve immune defense, and regulate energy balance.

Due to the biologically active composition (extracts of plants, resins and essential oils) introduced into the polymer, insoles, in addition to providing a massage effect, positively affect the zones of internal organs through active points located on the feet. Increase of temperature by 1.5°C / 34.7F between the inside of the insoles and feet contribute to the intensification of metabolic processes by 20%. There is an improvement in blood circulation in the feet observed, which leads to increased blood flow in all parts of the body. Nutrition of cells and oxygen delivery to all internal organs also improves.

Massage insoles do not stain your feet and do not leave fatty or colored spots on your socks or shoes. Even with frequent cleaning in soapy water, they for a long time do not change their properties. Extracts of herbs, resins and essential oils inside the polymer, prolong the period of preservation of healing qualities of insoles.

Instructions for use:

Cut insoles to the necessary size and place them into loose shoes or slippers. Depending on feet sensitivity, you can start using insoles from 15 minutes a day and then gradually (no more than by 1 hour a day) increase the time to 10 hours a day. Do not increase the time forcibly. Insoles can be worn with thin cotton socks and bare feet with the upper (massage) and the bottom side to the foot. The useful effect on the body is the same either way.


Wash insoles in a soap solution at 40 °C/ 104 F and dry them afterwards. Do not dry the insole in microwave ovens and in the sun.

Aromatic Massage insoles are a simple, but quite accurate "device" for self-diagnosis, similar to such techniques as, for example, Chinese pulso -diagnostics, acupuncture, etc. With the opportunity to check the hidden processes of your body at any time you can help it reach balance faster and thereby get rid of many pathological processes.

There are three types of insoles in line:

1. " Yellow Sweet Clover "
 Ingredients: frankincense, herbal extracts of alfalfa, yarrow, Yellow Sweet Clover , chamomile, clover, and polymer.

2. "Rose and Myrrh"
 Ingredients: myrrh and frankincense, herbal extracts of alfalfa, oak leaves, clover, rose essential oil, polymer.

3. "Frankincense & Alfalfa"
 Ingredients: frankincense, herbal extracts of alfalfa, chamomile, oak leaves, yarrow and polymer.

4. Run and Activities”

Ingredients: frankincense, herbal extracts of milk thistle, knotgrass, immortelle, thyme, wormwood, polymer.

5. “Light Step”

Ingredients: frankincense, herbal extracts of alfalfa, yarrow, yellow sweet clover , chamomile, clover, and polymer.


Made in Ukraine   Packed in the USA

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