• Face Cream For Men "Regina Roses" BIOFRESH

Face Cream For Men "Regina Roses" BIOFRESH

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Face cream for men "Regina Roses"

Volume: 50 ml.

Light moisturizer preventing the signs of skin aging, enriched with highly effective components.

Contains BIO PEPTIDE-CL – hi-tech product with clinically proven anti-wrinkle effect of up to 45-50% reduction of wrinkle depth within one month. The formula also contains Bulgarian rose oil with nourishing and tonifying effect, creatine for improving cell metabolism, hyaluronic acid for restoring skin water balance and UV filters for counteracting photo-aging caused by UV rays.

Regina Roses

A premium line featuring Bulgarian rose oil and rosewater. All products in the line are based on natural ingredients, without added colors, preservatives and petroleum-derived materials. Clinically tested. Paraben free.   

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