• Venice V-shape face mask 3masks

Venice V-shape face mask 3masks

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V-shape face mask is a functional aim at your chin resilience that gives tightness to your sagged

face and enables you to have a tight V-shaped face line, excellent in lifting up effects and the skin stretching

effects of an earring type patented patch developed by a special method. For all Skin type.
Pure cotton-smooth, ventilate. The hydrogel has perfectly effects: hydrating, firming, lifting, slimming.


1: After cleaning skin, take out the mask, remove the pearl protect film.

2: Aplly the hydrogel side under your chin.

3: Hang the ear hold at two ends onto the ears, and adjust the mask.

4: Relax yourself for 20-30 minutes. Or can continue use for 8 hours when sleep is also good. Then remove the mask, gently pat the mask skin care area.

The mask works if you wear it long 6-8 hours, not important day or night!

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