Founder & Classes

Miroslava is one of the leading models of the USSR, who began her professional career in 1984 at the Kiev Ukraine House of Models.

In 1988 she worked in Finland at the invitation of the leading modeling agency PAPARAZI. Miroslava begins work on the line of sportswear “Graphics in Sports”. We can confidently say that Miroslava is the founder of the graphic image style in sportswear. A bright, dynamic collection was purchased by the SOKOS chain of luxury stores. Upon returning to Moscow, Miroslava works at the House of Models on Arbat, becoming the face of such companies as Wella, Elizabeth Arden, All Stars Dzintars, Yakut Almaz, Russian Diamond Fund, Lux / Pierre Cardin... In 1993, she opened the company Gloria. From 1992-1994, the production center Gloria provided work for more than 400 models who took part in the filming of 95 commercials and music videos, leading Russian directors. At the same time, Miroslava acts as a producer and director of three documentary films about the Malta and Turkey. A few years later, the films were successfully sold in Duty Free in five European countries and in prestigious stores in Malta, Turkey, and England.

After moving to the United States Miroslava continued her work in show business.

Talent School, children's TV program Magic TV on local Brooklyn TV, children's beauty contests Miss Teen Russ NY which had a huge public response. According to Miroslava, those of her students who set the goal of modeling successfully achieved their goal, working in modeling agencies and participating in high fashion weeks, acting in films. However, more than 80% made their choice in favor of other professions - having entered and graduated from prestigious institutes, they have highly paid jobs and lead a healthy lifestyle. “I make it my main goal to make a child a worthy person in our society,” she says.

During 2004 - 2011, Miroslava focused her efforts on developing a new business - cosmetics. As a result, dominance 2004 brought more than 10 brands of European cosmetics to the US market, close cooperation with American laboratories in the field of innovative skin care products. Miroslava is always interested in knowing everything, she blinds with her positive energy and charm. One of her last interests is to create her own exclusive natural food line Flora Aromatics. (2013)

"My exclusive line is sure to win the hearts of people who maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of their health. It's not just business projects for me, it's a matter of honour."

She have always been close to nature and art. More than 25 years of practice in numerology, studied Yoga and esoteric. In 2014, she opened a school for adults “ Brighton Yoga”, as well as 5 esoteric stores in New York. In 2019, Miroslava moved to Florida.

In 2024 opened a Personal development courses in Florida ”Miroslava”.

The time has come to pass on the knowledge that I have accumulated throughout my life to people. It will be interesting, because it’s always interesting with me.

Miroslava Kettounen is one of those people who always finish up. She is positive and punctual, and definitely, she is the one you can trust.