Help extracts with bites. Red ant Bite.

It's a red ant bite. It so happened that a man was bitten by a finger by 3 ants. The man thought that everything would pass but unfortunately the hand began to swell. It was holidays and weekends, on this he could not go to the doctor, buying medicine from a pharmacy without understanding which medicine, he also did not want. By evening, the man became ill. I suggested that he reduce his inflammation with extract and wait until tomorrow morning. He reluctantly agreed. Look how the extract worked! The tumor slept in four hours ( Extracts Motherwort #2 and Oak #14). In the morning, the hand showed that she had begun to recover. After a day, only a purulent finger remained. It did not decrease, then I attached another extract ( Dandelion& Burdock # 11 ) to it, which pulls pus and inflammation. And as I expected, the pus began to decrease. The man went on a recovery. It took 2-3 days. Red ant bites are poisonous and do not pass even in a couple of weeks.