Evening Primrose oil.


Organic  Evening  Primrose oil It has truly valuable qualities for a female organism. It is obtained from dry seeds of evening primrose. Oil is the richest source of HMC (gamma-linolenic acid). This essential fatty acid stimulates the production of prostaglandin, estrogens and testosterone, eliminates pain and irritation during climax, including in premenstrual syndrome.

Primula oil in the evening has in nature the only alternative - maternal milk. You can consume oil not only externally, but also intraevening.


Important properties for internal use: Premenstrual syndrome, climax, reduced sex hormone levels (infertility, frigidity, sexual weakness), Prostate disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, Multiple sclerosis, Cardiovascular and skin diseases, Poor vision, Asthma, Hay fever, Elevated cholesterol, plaques in After a person transfers viral and infectious diseases, the use of primula oil in the evening strengthens immunity.

The recommended daily dose of evening primula oil to maintain a healthy skin look and beauty is one teaspoon. You can take primula oil both during and after meals.