My cat Joey's eye was saved by the extract.

The cat came with his eye closed. They tried to open it, but I saw the blood. It did not flow out, but was inside the iris of the eye. After some time, the iris became gray and there was an exquisite wound at the base of the eye. I was scared, because there were holidays and 3-4 days I would not get to the doctor + pandemic...I remembered how I treated myself, my husband, trees and flowers with extracts and decided to try. I was hoping to relieve the inflammation and relieve the pain so that I could last 4 days before visiting a doctor. But a miracle happened! And they made eye drops that I created from extracts in 5 minutes. These were 2 extracts of alfalfa 95% and oak 5%. Look at the photography. It happened within 1.5 days. By the beginning of the second day, the cat fully recovered!!!