• ALFALFA extract for Puppies

ALFALFA extract for Puppies

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The medications have been made taking into account the physiological features of the organism of each animal species, with an individual selection of the composition of the raw materials. The composition of the extracts includes more than 30 macro and micronutrients necessary for optimal animal life.

Extracts have the property to suppress pathogens in the intestines of animals, as well as a positive effect on the organism's immune system. The animals, taking these supplements with traditional treatment recovered much faster.

External powder treatment of postoperative wounds, burns and purulent wounds cleanses them from unwanted microflora and significantly speeds up the healing process.

Growth stimulant significantly accelerates the growth of animals and increases their resistance to diseases. Animals receiving extracts develop much faster, and their growth is accelerated by 30-40%. musculoskeletal system is formed properly. Properties inherent in the breed are improved. Animals grown in an environmentally friendly environment and in the wild can be compatible. An improvement in the reproductive ability of subsequent generations has also been noted. Broods of these animals, even if they did not get extracts, were noticed to outgrow the reference samples.


Instructions for use.

To increase disease resistance in animals and pets

3-5 mg per 1 kg of live weight (0,5 g per 100 kg of live weight).

 For that prepare a 10% solution (10 g of dry matter per 100 ml of boiling water).

 To a puppy or any animal 1 drop per 1 kg of live weight per day of 10% solution shall be given.


5 kg of live weight -5 drops

10 kg of live weight -10 drops.

To increase the growth of an animal:

-  7-day course + 7-day break;

1 kg - 10 drops;

 5 kg- 50 drops;

 10 kg- 100 drops.

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