Basic course $30 per hour, twice a week for a minimum of 4 months. $240 per month. Group size from 10 to 15 people. Walking in heels and without, basics of acting, camera work, social etiquette, interview skills, fashion runway skills, yoga, meditation. Essential oils as helpers - just a few simple practices. Numerology for goal achievement, a 30-minute lecture and much more. 

This course is designed for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to achieving success in life. For those involved in competitions, working at exhibitions, the fashion industry, or those who want to be in the spotlight. It could also be a woman looking to attract her husband's attention or get married. This course has great potential for anyone aged 16-25. For those in need of speed, I recommend joining the intensive VIP course. 

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EASY STEP. 2-month course, 8 sessions per month, $40 per hour, $240 per month. Maximum of 6 people in a group.

For those who enjoy walking and want to lose weight. Lose weight easily while enjoying the benefits of proper walking. This is not an intensive training, but it is very effective.

The course is designed for weight loss, improvement of emotional and physical well-being, and achieving a beautiful posture. You will learn to move correctly and gracefully (two types of walking), meditate, relieve stress, and gain energy. Light warm-ups for coordination of movements, breathing, meditation (energy circulation). Essential oils are our helpers. Numerology for goal achievement, a 30-minute lecture.

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Social Lioness. Intensive course - 2 months, $75 per hour, 8 hours in the first month $600; second month 8 hours $400. 

The first month focuses on the basics: learning to walk elegantly in heels and flats, moving gracefully, standing, sitting, looking, turning, stopping... It also includes warm-ups to improve coordination of movements and strengthen muscles, meditation (expanding consciousness). Basics of modeling. Essential oils are our helpers - just a few simple practices. 

In the second month, we refine skills, add high heels, work on peripheral vision, basics of stage artistry and camera work. Practicing various turns, adding stance variations. Also, proper walking, meditation. How to behave at events and presentations. Essential oils are our helpers - just a few simple practices. Numerology for goal achievement, a 30-minute lecture.

From the 3rd month, the lessons will cost $30 per hour if the group consists of at least 10 people. We can also incorporate numerology to help achieve goals. This is an intensive and effective basic course based on my calculation system.

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