• Grape Seed Squalene Capsules 30ps

Grape Seed Squalene Capsules 30ps

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Grape seed capsules have strong beauty effect, protect collagen, improve skin elasticity and gloss, brighten skin tone, moisturize and smooth fine lines. So as to reduce wrinkles, keep the skin soft and smooth; remove sores and heal scars. The main extract of grape seed-proanthocyanidins (OPC) has the effect of skin beauty.

Applicable to all skin types, especially suitable for those who often face the computer, stay up late.

Sensitive skin, please do sensitivity test.

Apply only to moisturized slightly wet skin. After moisturizing with toner or light serum (depending on the type of skin), apply the contents of the capsule. Massage gently until absorbed.

You can also use this capsule, the beauty of MM can not ignore the hands, the neckline and legs. 

Tocopherol acetate ", "squalane," "hydrogenated jojoba oil", "water", "propylene glycol", "sturgeon caviar extract," "vitamin E ","grape seed extract", "pomegranate (PUNICA GRANATUM) fruit extract", "butanediol", "Oriental cherry (PRUNUS SPECIOSA) flower extract", "carnosine", "Hydrolyzed placenta (sheep) extract "," squalane ","double spore mushroom (AGARICUS BISPORUS) extract", "palmitoyl oligopeptide", "red myrrh alcohol," "grape (VITIS Vinifera seed oil "," fullerene "," lemon (Citrus LIMON) peel oil "," caprylic acid/capric acid triglyceride "," hydrogenated polyisobutylene "," GANODERMA SINENSIS extract "," SAUSSUREA INVOLUCRATA extract "," GINSENG (Panax GINSENG) root extract "," peony (Paeonia SUFFRUTICOSA) extract "," butyl hydroxyl toluene "," olive (Olea EUROPAEA) fruit oil "," ceramide 3.

[Taiwan GF grape seed procyanidin capsule]

Suitable for all skin types.


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