• Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing Facial Mask Sheet Fullerene EGF Face Mask 5 pcs

Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing Facial Mask Sheet Fullerene EGF Face Mask 5 pcs

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Powder: [" water ", "mannitol," "oligopeptide - 1", "glucose," "oligopeptide - 3", "ascorbic acid (vitamin C)", "six peptide acetyl - 8"]

Solution :[" water "," hyaluronic acid "," oligopeptide-1 "," hexapeptide-1 "]



A self-contained essence mask cloth, when exposed to water, the essence of the water can activate the membrane cloth essence will penetrate. Using the principle of deep moisturizing lyophilized powder, it is pre-cooled to freeze to a solid, and then the solid water is directly sublimated under vacuum, and the active peptide remains in the film cloth during freezing. In this state, microorganisms and enzymes The effect could not be carried out while maintaining the original state. Since more than 99% of the water is discharged, the product can be stored for a long time without preserving it! A mask, equivalent to 2 bottles of EGF freeze-dried powder factor repair lyophilized powder, a variety of hyaluronic acid and active factors homologous to the skin, lyophilized powder mask is extracted and made in natural plants Concentrated solid essence mask, the nutrient activity in the mask is saved at 99.9%, and it can be absorbed into the muscle bottom layer by instantaneous overdose, and directly acts on muscle tissue. The membrane cloth is implanted with rose petals, and the red rose is hydrating. The brightening can enrich the moisturizing energy and protect the soft skin. The rose can regulate the endocrine, control the proportion of water and oil content, can effectively acne, promote blood circulation and improve skin color. It can dilute b point, improve dry skin, promote melanin decomposition, restore skin elasticity, and let women have white, elastic and healthy skin through internal and external maintenance.



The film is fine, smooth and firm, and it is docile, hydrating and water-retaining. After use, the skin is healthy and white, which makes the skin cells breathe and balance, and fades wrinkles. Promote wound healing, used to treat trauma, surgical trauma, burns, repair acne marks, acne pits, whitening and brightening, improve dullness, enhance moisturizing, anti-oxidation, improve skin relaxation and so on. Long-term use can delay skin aging, repair damaged cells, enhance skin resistance, and reduce skin sensitivity. Brightens skin, repairs damaged cells, diminishes acne marks, red blood, etc., enhances skin's resistance, reduces skin allergies, restores skin's initial translucency.



1. Put the mask into 15 ML of pure water and soak for 2-3 minutes;
2. Take out of the mask and apply it to the face for 15-20 minutes.

3. Uncover the mask and massage gently until absorbed.

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