• Hair & Hands Capsules Oil Serum 30ps

Hair & Hands Capsules Oil Serum 30ps

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Repair bad environment or after perm dye, the hair (especially curly hair) is very easy to produce static electricity, knot, dry, no luster and other phenomena. Create amazing hairstyles, improve the results, and let your hair come back to life and shine.


Usage: wipe the hair dry after washing, break the capsule with acupuncture, directly apply to the hair, comb evenly, no need to rinse with water. (it can also be used for pouring mould with oil treatment)


[nutrition knowledge]

Many people want to have healthy, strong hair. The growth of healthy beautiful hair, need sufficient nutrition, besides basic vitamin, mineral, still need not saturated fatty acid and protein.

Zinc is beneficial to cell differentiation and regeneration, and keeps hair roots strong and healthy.


Biotin is involved in protein synthesis, including the production of the hair's cuticle, which helps to maintain the shine of hair and prevent premature greying caused by low biotin levels. Biotin is also good for repairing weak, cracked fingernails and toenails.


Pantothenic acid is involved in the metabolism of cell energy, which is beneficial to the health of hair, skin and blood, and to the improvement of dry, rough, dandruff and other skin problems. Vitamin B6 is involved in protein metabolism and helps prevent hair loss.


[storage method]

Dry, cool, dark storage. Place EGF water light capsule in a place out of reach of children, fair, beautifying, repairing, moisturizing, lightening, tightening and repairing

Using American raw materials, good quality, to restore the luster of the dry and damaged split hair, to restore the natural softness. Promote hair more healthy brightness, have elegant demeanour more.

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